Chesham’s Vintage Celebration – Lownde’s Park 60 Years

It all got a bit Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll in Chesham at the weekend. Saturday 3rd August 2013 saw a very vintage affair in Lownde’s Park.

Lownde's Park 60th Celebrations Flyer

As you approached the park you could hear the 1950’s music getting closer. Just looking over in the distance, you could see there was an awesome vibe. The sun was shining and live bands were playing. It was a petite event but it really rocked!

There were some great bands in the line-up. As we got there The Daytonas were playing. It was fantastic seeing people in their 1950s gear sitting around watching, and of course there were many spectators who weren’t dressed up but seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere nonetheless.

The Daytonas

There were quite a few stalls selling an array of handmade and vintage items, as well as consumable goodies like cupcakes, retro sweets and home made fruit juices.

We visited Karis Kandy and got some lovely sugary treats. As well as that, and to maybe balance it out, we also bought a bottle of pure pressed apple juice from Chiltern Ridge Apple Juice Ltd.

Karis Kandy

To top it off there were some amazing bikes and cars on show. It was very difficult to look and not touch!

Classic Vehicles At Chesham's Vintage Celebration

Overall it seemed to be a great, well received event that couldn’t have landed on a better day, weatherwise. Everyone was in a great mood and the entertainment and stalls were just fab!