Diners with attitude!

American, Retro Style Diners

American style diners, specifically retro influenced, have been popular ever since they were…well…not retro! Just the sheer glimpse of a 1950s style restaurant makes you think of hotdogs, waffles, skinny fries, milkshakes and beer,  not to mention the iconic decor and cute uniforms.

Naturally, the personnel behind the Bad Sheep Boutique love American 1950s style diners and we intend to visit as many as we can! In September 2012 we visited 2 fantastic, but very different venues…

JBs Diner – Brighton

This is a definite favourite of ours! Located on Kings Road, it looks small from the outside, but inside it’s just as you remember seeing in films. Traditional red chairs and booths, with walls covered in film posters, diner signs and photos of icons. Tom & Jerry cartoons are playing all day long on the screens and classic music to tap along to while you dine.

JBs Diner Brighton

JBs Diner, Brighton © Bad Sheep Boutique 2012

It’s a great place to hang out with family and friends, while you tuck in to a whole heap of American culinary delights. The food, along with the atmosphere definitely is delightful!

The Diner, London Soho

This place is a little different to a lot of the American style diners you see around these days. Just off Carnaby Street, it’s dark and sleek but doesn’t feel any less American and authentic to dine in!

The Diner Soho

The Diner Soho © Bad Sheep Boutique 2012

The food….amazing! You will most probably order too much, but who cares! It’s a treat for your taste buds!

Great Food Diner Soho

Great Food @ The Diner, Soho © Bad Sheep Boutique 2012

So that you can drool even more, the food in the photo above is:

(From top to bottom)

Hot dog with pulled pork, pickles and mustard, battered onion rings, fries and veggie hotdog with red onions and ketchup! Scrummy!!

A word of warning though, cover your lap with a napkin! Mustard and newly washed jeans don’t go, especially if you plan to head to a bar afterwards! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What diners have you been too? Have you got any photos and stories or recommendations? If so, drop us an email via the contact page, or message us on Facebook! We will feature your words and pics.