A Band Called IC7

Here at the Bad Sheep Boutique, we simply admire talented people. Especially those who share their talents and provide great entertainment for others. IC7 are a band that simply enjoy creating music and have no need for throwing TVs out of hotel room windows. No, this band are just downright decent guys who love to share their music creations with anyone who wants to listen! We caught up with lead singer, Ross Thomas to find out more…

IC7 Live

IC7 Live

How and when did the band get together?
“Myself and Ben have been playing together since 1996 on and off and we asked Mark to join us in 2009 and he brought in Barry who he had known for years. So the band is two pairs of old friends basically! We rehearse every week and try to play a show at least every month. The idea has always been to make an album a year and to keep moving forward with new songs. We have a totally DIY approach to the band and all help to make it what it is”

Who are your inspirations?
“We share a common love of indie and rock. I definitely have strong American influences like Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, R.E.M… but there is a strong sixties theme too – I just love The Byrds and The Beatles – and a little country thrown in too. Mark and Barry have a taste for pure pop too, whilst Ben is probably the most clued up on the latest indie bands”.

How would you describe your style?
“We try and be quite eclectic so you never quite know what the next song will sound like. I’d say essentially we are a guitar pop band though because we always put the listener first”.

Who is the character on the album cover?
“That’s IC7 man. Mark’s friend, Paul Nash, designed that for us based on my idea of a superhero who knows the world needs him but just can’t be bothered to help. It kind of sums up modern life for me, that we are all capable of extraordinary feats but we are sat at our desks each day doing menial tasks. I’m incredibly lazy and so the album name Do Something! is a memo to myself”.

What are your plans for 2012?
“We are just rehearsing for our second album which will be recorded at the end of February. Like the last one, we’ll be working away at it over a couple of months but we hope to have it ready in April sometime. There are 12 songs ready, it’s quite a progression from the first album, lots of styles covered but I feel like we are more together as a band so hopefully that will come out in the performances. Once the album is finished we’re looking forward to playing as much as possible and maybe working on some videos and other projects”.

What gigs do you have lined up for the next few months?
“We have three gigs in the diary so far… We are all really excited to be supporting Mark Morris formerly of The Bluetones at The Bull & Gate, because we all liked the band when we were younger”.

  • Friday 24th Feb @ Fusion, Chelmsford, Essex
  • Tuesday 13th March @ Hooga, Chelmsford, Essex
  • Saturday 14th April @ The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London


Be sure to check out the band’s official website http://www.icseven.co.uk/ for more news and gigs coming up!
There you will also find out how you can get your hands on the fantastic Album ‘Do Something!’, available on CD and digital download. You can sample the tracks and purchase your favurites or even the full album now from iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/uk/album/do-something!/id446421111

With thanks to Ross Thomas (guitar, vocals), Ben Marchant (bass, vocals), Mark Lester (guitar, vocals) and Barry Newlyn (drums). Album cover artwork by Paul Nash.