Meet Jess Tredinnick – Skater Mum!

I am a full time Mum at the moment, my two little rad ones take up a lot of time between having fun on skates and looking after the household.
My fashion tends to be dictated by our lifestyle here in the toe end of Cornwall, it is all a bit surfy/skatey with a bit of posh punk thrown in… Who doesn’t like skulls, skater socks and pearls!


How long have you been skating and what other sports do you take part in?
I have been rolling (or shuffling) since I was very young, from the age of two on my rad adjustable Fisher Price skates! When I was about seven years old I was given my first pair of second hand Roces quad skates and spent a lot of my time bombing the hills where I lived or at Roller City, the roller rink in Essex where I lived at the time. As I got older I didn’t quad skate so much until I rekindled my love for it when I joined Cornwall Roller Derby in 2012.
I have also had a skateboard for decades (but only started skating parks/ramps after my daughter was born 9 years ago) and I love to surf and play roller derby. I go to the gym between school runs if it is too wet to skate and we are very active as a family. In the past I rollerbladed for a time and have competed internationally at Surf Life Saving.


How do you juggle being a mum and all the action sports you are involved in?
Balance! When the children were younger it was easier, they would sleep in the pram or sit in the pushchair and watch for short periods of time. Now that they can answer back and run about it is a bit harder! For a peaceful skate these days, I try and make the most of the two and a half hours I get to myself in the mornings whilst my son is at nursery and squeeze in a little skate if I can. Surfing is a lot harder as my husband and I both love to surf, so if we can’t get a baby sitter so we can go together, we have to do a bit of tag team surfing – one of us on the beach with the kids and vice versa!
I would say our children are a part our life and we try not to let them rule it.

Jess' First Skates

Jess’s First Skates

Any tips for mums who would love to do the same?
Don’t think of reasons why you can’t, think of reasons why you want to and can.

Are your kids keen skaters too?
We take them along as much as we can, they both love it. Darcie (9) is very in to her roller skates at the moment but enjoys surfing and rides a skateboard too … If she is not riding horses! Gabriel (4), when he is not being a Super Hero, skateboards and rides his bike and has had a go at surfing, but he’s not as eager with that just yet!

Do you have a favourite product or product range on the Bad Sheep Boutique site?
I really love pretty much all of the Sourpuss gear but also I LOVE Heartless wheels! They are my go to skate wheels. I love the fit and styling of my Roller Zombies Tank Top too.

Catching some air wearing the Roller Zombies Tank Top

Catching some air wearing the Roller Zombies Tank Top

Who else are you sponsored by?
I am a flow rider for Thrashion, the recycled skateboard jewellery company and I am delighted to have just picked up a sponsorship from Deadbolt Knee Pads – they are amazing! I am also supported by South Shore Surf and Skate, our local and rad surf and skate shop here in Penzance.

Do you have any goals or ambitions relating to your skating?
I am my own worst enemy when it comes to my skating, I just want to be better at everything and improve all the time. I love nailing new tricks and then taking them higher or onto bigger ramps and bowls. I would love one day to be good enough to have a roller boot sponsor – I guess that’s a pretty big ambition of mine!

Do you have any advice for quad skaters that want to take to the skate parks and give it a go?
Go with a friend or in a group to make it more fun if you can and try and go at a time when the park may be quieter (usually in the mornings or School term time) so you have less inhibitions and free rein to explore and get used to the park as a whole. But most importantly, pad up, stay safe and don’t forget to bend your knees!!!

Do you have any heroes or people who have inspired you in any of your action sports?
I don’t have any heroes as such, but I admire and respect a lot of athletes and sportsman. Growing up surfing, I looked up to locals like Nan Baker and Robyn Davies. Fabiola Da Silva was a big inspiration when I started to skate more aggressively at parks and on ramps and the likes of Patrick Melcher and Richie Jackson continue to amaze me with their style and creativity. I am completely in awe of all round shredder Sabre Norris and I’m lucky enough to have had the pleasure of skating my local bowl with the lovely legend that is Sue Hazel, which was rather humbling, as well as meeting and skating with some truly awesome people over the years.

When you’re not out there on 8 wheels or hitting the water, what do you do to chill out?
I really enjoy kicking a football about in the park with my husband and kids and I love to take a walk on the beach or just chill on the beach on a nice warm day when I can. Usually the only down time is when the kids are in bed and then it is Wine O’Clock with a good comedy series or film.
Thanks Jess

Paddling Out At Her Local

Paddling Out At Her Local

Thanks Jess, it’s been great learning more abut you!
A massive thank you to you, Bad Sheep Boutique for your kind support and that goes to South Shore, Thrashion and Deadbolt too!
I would like to put a shout out to the NHS for mending my wrist and all they do for all us skaters! We are so lucky to have them.
A big hello to anybody that has ever taken the time to chill out, skate or surf with me…

…Now get out there and roll!