Now That’s A Magic Flush!

Admit it, we all love a bit of close up magic! Even those who think they don’t, really do. Those who say they aren’t impressed, really are! Well let me tell you, these guys will definitely impress and leave you wanting to see more!

Wayne and Craig - Magic Flush

Wayne and Craig – Magic Flush

Wayne and Craig Lovett are not only family, they are also an awesome magic double act!

We caught up with the guys to find out more about them and their spectacular illusions.

When did you both start practicing magic?
Wayne: “I started magic around 10 years ago and Craig started around 6 years ago.”
Craig: “Years ago waynes dad used to do a trick with cigarette ash. It was this first trick that started what Magic Flush is today. From seeing that trick Wayne became more and more interested in learning magic. His first real insight into magic was when he was on a family holiday in Florida. Here Wayne bought his first magic set. He learnt a few tricks from this set and showed them around the family. Upon seeing these tricks I took an instant interest. Once back home from the holiday we began learning new tricks and meeting up every week to discuss the new stuff we had learnt.”

Who are your inspirations?
Wayne: “Our inspirations include Dai vernon, Rene Lavand, Jay Sankey, Ricky Jay, Dan & Dave Buck and Derren Browne, to name a few.”

Magic Flush – who came up with the name?
Wayne: “Magic flush was an idea of mine as it incorporated flush, as I’m a plumber, and also flush as in a game of poker, meaning royal flush.”
Craig: “The flush orginaly came from a ‘royal flush’ but has also had links to Wayne’s profession, being a plumber. This does seem to add a comical aspect to us and has been a good way for people not to forget our name.”

What kind of tricks and illusions could we expect to see from you guys if you were performing to an audience?
Wayne: “We do a lot of close up magic so hop from table to table and get all the crowds of people involved. One of our favorite routines was done by Michael Vincent on Penn and Teller and he fooled them with it. We can make cards disappear and reappear and also coin magic.”
Craig: “We provide close up table magic for all events and occassions. At a typical event you can expect card tricks, coin magic, mind reading, mentalism, hypnosis, and an extremley memorable, comical night.”

Magic Flush perform for all occasions

Magic Flush perform for all occasions

The new website looks great! What do you aim to achieve now that it is live?
Wayne: “Now the website has been done it gives people an insight into what we do and also a place to view all our videos and photos.”

How can people book Magic Flush?
Wayne: “People can book us via e-mail or by calling us, were we are very helpful and cater for most needs.”

What are your plans for 2012?
Wayne: “Our plans for 2012 are getting out there doing as many parties and weddings as possible to get our name recognised and making it a little bit more special.”
Craig: “This year we are putting every minute possible to make our act the best it can possibly be. We have a new website, new material, updated all our social network pages and are keeping in touch with all our fans.”

Thank you so much to Wayne and Craig and all the best for the future of Magic Flush!

You can check out all the happenings from Magic Flush on their website Don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, for regular updates.

We absolutely love close up magic and they certainly do know how to leave you mesmerised and wondering “How did they do that?!”

“These two are the most amazing people in the world. Another spectacular birthday, for the 3rd year in a row. Love you guys” – Emma & Gary
“Truely mind blowing. Thankyou for making our wedding such a memorable day for all our guest :)” – Kyle & Kerry Knight
“The highlight of the night. Astonishing. Thankyou so much” – Paul & Sarah