Scarlet Street – Exclusive & Fabulous!

The Bad Sheep Boutique loves alternative, with a huge helping of retro chic, so when we stumbled upon an array of fabulous videos made by Scarlet Street, a female Barbershop quartet, we couldn’t contain our excitement!!

Scarlet Street Band

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The band is made up of 4 talented singers, Rachel Cook, Jennifer Davies, Zita Frith and Rosie Winter, and we are absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview them.

Let’s see what they had to say…

Firstly, where did you get the name “Scarlet Street”?

“We wanted a name that was retro and glamorous, and we came across the film Scarlet Street, an old black and white film from 1945. Both our sound and our look are a combination of 1940s glamour and modern, and we wanted to get that across in our name – and to us the word ‘scarlet’ oozes femininity and glamour.”

How long have you been together as a group and how did the band form?

“We’ve been together since the start of 2012. Jen and Rachel had sung barbershop together for a while, and loved the genre, when Jen had the idea of fusing pop with the barberpop to create something new. Their paths crossed with Zita at a wedding that the three were singing at and then when Jen found her and knew she’d be perfect, she was the cherry on top!”

Who are your idols and inspirations?

“We take a lot of inspiration from barbershop quartets of the 1940s, and old school girl groups of the 50s and 60s, but we also love people like Caro Emerald and The Overtones, who do an amazing job of bringing vintage right up to date. They’re a real inspiration – we’d love to be as successful as them.”


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On your website there are some clips from your time at Capital FM. That must have been a fun gig. Please tell us more!

“It was lots of fun! We spent a brilliant few months as their house band, performing every Friday morning on Bodg, Matt and JoJo’s breakfast show. The team gave us a topic each week and we’d put a comedy song together in an evening, and then perform it live on air, so it was an amazing experience, and one that introduced us to lots of new fans! We’re looking forward to seeing the guys at Capital again when we switch on the Eldon Square Christmas Lights with JoJo on Sunday 18 November.”

What can we expect to hear on your EP, which is due out this December?

“It’s called Barberpop – so barbershop and pop, so that will give you a clue… You’ll hear a mixture of our own original songs and a cover or two, but done in a very special, Scarlet Style. There’s lots of brass, some cheeky lyrics and of course, lots of gorgeous vocal harmonies – we absolutely love it and hopefully everyone else will too!”

…And is there a feature length album in the pipeline?

“That’s definitely on the cards – we’re already writing new songs and can’t wait to get into the studio again in 2013. The rest of this year will be spent gigging and promoting the release of Barberpop on Friday 7 December, but after that we’ll be planning what comes next, so keep an eye on Twitter for news!”

Who is the tidiest member of the group?

“Zita and Jen are both pretty tidy – but Zita would be washing the dish before you’ve finished your cereal if she could, so probably just beats Jen to the title of ‘Tidiest Scarlet’.”

Do any of you have bad habits?

“When Rosie’s driving she likes to beep really loudly at hot boys who are walking past… They sometimes look a bit scared of a tiny car filled with 4 giggling girls pounding the horn.”

Scarlet Street at The Jazz Cafe, Newcastle

Scarlet Street at The Jazz Cafe, Newcastle –

On a chilled night in, what are your favourite things to do… Apart from singing of course?

“We love putting our pajamas on, having a glass of something nice, eating lots of olives and gorgeous food, and chatting way past bedtime. We also love a bit of primping and grooming – Rosie does a great tan and Jen does everyone’s hair! There is always some singing though – we just can’t help it!”

You seem to be working hard, and having fun while doing it. What are your plans for the rest of 2012? 

“We’ve got a really busy couple of months… – We’re singing on BBC Radio Newcastle on Thursday 15th November – Switching on the Eldon Square Christmas lights at 12pm on Sunday 18 November – Thurs 29 Nov, supporting Brendan Healy in his World Tour of the North East at the Billingham Forum – Having a huge EP Launch party on Friday 7 December – Singing at the Tyne Theatre on Sunday 9 and Saturday 15 December”

What can we expect to see from Scarlet Street next year?

“We’re all really excited about what 2013 has in store – we’re going to be writing more songs, gigging more, and recording lots new material. We’ve also got two music videos scheduled in, which is exciting! We’re going to keep doing our YouTube videos though, as well, as we know our fans love them – and we do too! It’s going to be a big year for Scarlet Street!”

Thank you so much girls! It was a pleasure to be in touch with you and find out more about you and your music!

If you want to keep up to date with what the girls are getting up to, be sure to check out their website, follow them on Twitter (@scarlet_st) and ‘like’ them on Facebook ( You can also check out more of their fab videos on the Scarlet Street You Tube channel!