Spotlight on Akumu Ink Clothing

One of the main jobs that we put a lot of work into is finding awesome and unique clothing brands. Akumu Ink Clothing is definately one of those! Without a doubt, it was the fantastic graphics that stood out to us right away!

Akumu Ink LogoThe name “Akumu” is Japanese for Nightmare!

Two individuals, a student called Aldora and a children’s book illustrator called Joey, started what has turned into this worldwide brand.

The two were ambitious, talented and dreamt of making t-shirts that would sell on the alternative seen like punky little hotcakes!

The Akumu Ink brand started up as a small venture, printing T-Shirts in the spare room of a small apartment in Montreal and it is now a worldwide name!

Akumu Ink at The Bad Sheep BoutiqueThe name of the brand is definitely reflected in every single one of their designs. You can see the darkness, even in the brightest of prints, without being offensive.

The T-Shirts became popular enough that Aldora left her studies and took on the business full time, pushing the brand into the global market.

Here at The Bad Sheep Boutique we are very proud to have Akumu Ink T-Shirts on board.


Check out our range now, and if we don’t have your size or you have seen a design you love but can’t see it on our website, then please drop an email to and we will see what we can do!

Akumu Ink – Nightmare Inspired T-Shirts!